Thursday, October 19, 2017


Situated near the River Eden, the sweet market town of Appleby was once the second most important in the Eden Valley and until the formation of the new district of Cumbria in 1974 served as Westmorland’s county town.

It developed as a market town soon after the Norman Conquest, its charter dating back to 1174.

The Norman, led by William Rufus (William II) conquered the area in 1092 and created the baronies of Kendal and Westmorland. These were originally distinct jurisdiction with separate sheriffs, but were form into single county of Westmorland in 1226.

It was said that Appleby sprung out of a Roman Station, however, to rest no evidence than analogy and conjecture.

Appleby like other towns in the kingdom unquestionably signifies the apple town. It is ‘farmstead by an apple tree’, the chief town of the former country of Westmorland, bears a Scandinavian name.

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