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Windsor Castle

In January 1066, Saxon monarch Edward the Confessor died, signaling the next and final successful invasion of England. Windsor Castle was built by these Norman conquerors.

Windsor castle was originally built by William the Conqueror, in the eleventh century. After he returned from his victory at the Battle of Hasting in October, he ordered the construction of a ring of defenses around London. The stronghold at Windsor, on the high cliffs overlooking the approach to London along the Thames, was one of these.

Windsor Castle seems to have been intended by William the Conqueror more for a military post, for which by its situation it was well adapted than for the residence of himself and his successor.

It has been the favorite country residence of the English kings for upwards of 700 years. It stands on a high, and commands a beautiful view of the Thames and the surrounding counties.

By the reign of Henry I (r. 1100 - 35) the creation of a large hunting forest, together with the proximity of London, made the castle a favored royal residence as well as a fortress. Windsor Castle began it transformation from wood to stone under Henry II, in the latter half of the 12th century.

Edward III, rebuilt the old castle, and added St. George’s chapel; and numerous changes were made by succeeding sovereigns, particularly by Charles II.

In the 1980s restoration began on the Round Tower, and in 1992 the northeast corner of the castle, including St. George’s Hall, the private chapel and the State Dining Room, were badly mages by fire.
Windsor Castle
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